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Provincetown :: Sunday, April 23rd 2017

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Care for Thyself

Provincetown is Perfect for Healing

May 31st, 2008

Part of Provincetown’s allure has to do with its location. Sitting as it does at the very end of a long twisting land spiral, it offers an escape from the culture and demands of the continent it twists away from.

Check out Provincetown.com's Personal Services directory at the top of this page.

It is a geographic reality that has made the Outer Cape a favorite destination place since vacationers first began to take trips by train and by boat in the mid-19th century. Then, as now, urban dwellers would seek the healing salt waters and sea breezes of coastal havens.

Today, Provincetown continues to be a favorite destination for visitors seeking a respite from ordinary life, and a place where they can reconnect to what is important.

Now, however, there are also many local businesses that specialize in offering visitors a pathway to healing. And many of these can be found in Provincetown.com’s Personal Services directory.

From massage therapists who work in everything from Reiki to Deep Tissue Massage, and on to acupuncturists and others who provide health services, the Personal Services directory can help you find the resources you need for a truly restorative retreat.

Meanwhile, Provincetown.com’s Health & Services section also contains listings that can connect you with personal trainers and other fitness experts who make it their business to keep you at your physical best.

Along with the Outer Cape’s beaches and beauty, these businesses make Provincetown a place where you can find yourself again before the less-perfect “real” world demands your return.

To find out more about the healing and health services offered by Provincetown’s businesses, browse the directory listings at the top of this page.


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