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Provincetown :: Wednesday, March 29th 2017

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Offseason - The Series

Notes from Land's End: Feb. 21

February 21st, 2012

When I heard that locals were making a television series about Provincetown’s offseason, my first thought was: “I’m living it so why would I want to see a show about it, right?”

When I really took the time to look around and noticed all the untapped talent, stunning landscapes, classic architecture and all the writers [in Provincetown], it was one of those “ah-hah” moments.

That was until I watched the OFFSEASON YouTube sizzler reel. NYU Film School MFA graduate (2005) Nathan Butera has created a winner of a show. He deserves a round of advanced applause for the professionalism and production quality that snarky, year-rounder me didn’t think was possible to create at the end of the world.

Nathan was kind enough to answer some of my burning questions about OFFSEASON:

Q: What inspired you to write and produce this television series?

A: I was in the middle of a divorce from the relationship that had initially brought me to Provincetown. When the marriage failed, I had already lived here for two winters. During that time, I was drawn to the theater and cast in OUR TOWN and THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR. I directed short plays and attended the Playwrights Lab.

However, I’m a filmmaker at heart and considered leaving Provincetown for Los Angeles. When I really took the time to look around me and noticed all the untapped talent, stunning landscapes, classic architecture and all the writers, it was one of those ah-hah moments. This town has its own television station, radio station, airport, marina, art museum and cinema. I said to myself, “Duh, if I can't make films HERE, then I have no business going to LA anyway.”

There's something very accessible and democratic about television. It's free to watch on your set or computer. I was interested in engaging an audience over a period of weeks or months rather than a one-shot deal. And I kept getting the question from friends and family and visitors, "what's it like in the offseason?" so I knew there was an audience.

Q. You have a team of writers. Who are they?

A: We have two kinds of writers: the team that created the series outline and character arcs are myself, Melissa Nussbaum-Freeman, Dian Hamilton, Jody O'Neil, and Linda Fiorella. So far, the episodic writers are myself, Jody O'Neil, Melissa Nussbaum-Freeman, Bob Keary, and Dian Hamilton with other wordsmiths waiting in the wings.

Everyone on the team has prior writing experience and is a well-known Provincetown ‘creative’.

Q: There is an online fundraiser where people interested in a credit or more can contribute funds. Tell me about that.

A: We are raising money on www.indiegogo.com for a professional editor. No one else in the production is getting paid, although we do have a deferred salary compensation arrangement, should the series make money in any way.

There is more information about OFFSEASON at our Fundraising Website where you can see our sizzler reel. If you like what you see, and are able, feel free to donate.

Q: Who’s filming and who’s acting?

A: OFFSEASON is beautifully filmed by resident Director of Photography Jake Fink. The series is a group effort, with characters created by the actors who play them. The cast includes favorite local talents such as Braunwyn Jackett, Gwen Kazlouskas-Noyes, Brian Carlson, Nathan Butera, Jody O'Neil, Judith Partelow, Dian Hamilton, Alexandra Foucard, Melissa Nussbaum, Griff Griffith, Bob Keary, and Frank Vasello with Thomas Acone, Andrew Clemons, Roxanne Layton and Bragan Thomas.

Q: When and where can we see the first episode?

A: The first episode of OFFSEASON will air Sunday, March 4th at 8pm on Channel 17, PTV. Please tune in or join some of the cast and crew upstairs at Napis to watch the debut that evening. Then, it will stream worldwide on ProvincetownTV.org after March 4th.

I can’t wait to see what happens next behind the scenes and on the screen! Bravo to everyone involved for this wonderful creation.

“Notes from Lands End”, by artistic bon vivant Laura Shabott, is a weekly account of the people, places and events that make our town so special.

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