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CCNS to Host:

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Off Route 6 | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

every day of each week from Sep 1st through Sep 30th at 9AM
"Dune Shack Arts and Sciences Exhibit". CCNS will exhibit works from dune shack visits and residencies as its Perspectives: Seeing Cape Cod National Seashore through Art. The exhibition is curated by the Peaked Hill Trust. The exhibition includes an eclectic array of work and topics, including erosion studies, nocturnal wildlife, writings on the Gulf Stream, short essays by an entomologist, conservation and landscape architecture, and even work from a puppeteer. The exhibition also features works by students from Nauset Regional High School, Cape Cod Regional Technical High School, and the Provincetown school system.

CCNSto Host Evening Program Life at Sea:

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Off Route 6 | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

Jul 1st, 2014 at 7PM
Join acclaimed-musician David Coffin for a free, one-hour program. Widely known for his rich, baritone voice and ability to perform on a variety of instruments, David Coffin has performed throughout New England since 1980. He performs an extensive collection of songs from the Maritime tradition including sea chanteys, ballads, and the songs of sailors.

Live Owl Program

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Route 6 and Nauset Road | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

Jul 15th, 2014 at 7PM
Join Perry Ellis from Mass Audubon’s Blue Hills Trailside Museum for a free, one-hour live owl presentation. This program will explore what makes owls special, the role they play in the environment, and how humans affect their survival. Attendees will be able to see the owls up close, handle touchable natural history artifacts, and ask an experienced naturalist. This program is presented by Mass Audubon’s Blue Hills Trailside Museum.

Nature’s Ambassador: The Legacy of Thornton W. Burgess

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Off Route 6 | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

every day of each week at 3AM
Join author and Sandwich resident Christie Palmer Lowrance for a journey into the life and stories of the famous Sandwich born children’s author, Thornton W. Burgess. A keen observer of nature and passionate conservationist, Burgess turned these interests into plots in his children’s stories, which gained great popularity in the early years of the 20th century. Characters in his books include Peter Rabbit, Jimmy Skunk, Sammy Jay, Bobby Raccoon, and Grandfather Frog.

Petticoats at Sea with Storyteller Joan Gatturna

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Route 6 & Nauset Rd. | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

Aug 26th, 2014 at 7PM
History is full of the stories of the captains of America's great clipper ships, but the tales of the women and children who sometimes sailed with them are rarely heard. Join storyteller Joan Gatturna as she tells their stories in a performance of Petticoats At Sea Ms. Gatturna will appear in 19th century costume and will portray Johanna Sears Burgess, a character representative of the girls and women who experienced both the romance and perils of life at sea alongside their husbands and fathers.

Photographer William Scully and Mapping Specialist Mark Adams

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Off Route 6 | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

Jun 21st, 2014 at 2PM
In conjunction with this month’s exhibit, Underwater Lily, featuring William Scully’s fine art photography, Mr. Scully and Cape Cod National Seashore mapping specialist Mark Adams will team up to present a program about the explorations that led to these photographs and will discuss insights into the scientific and aesthetic experiences that are possible in these seashore environments. Free!


Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Route 6 and Nauset Road | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

each week on Tuesday from Jun 1st through Jun 30th at 10AM
1 hour, 1 mile. Free. Experience the Great Beach shoreline through the writings and experiences of the great 19th-century naturalist and writer, Henry David Thoreau. You may come to feel as he did, when he wrote, “My life is like a stroll upon the beach, as near to the ocean’s edge as I can go.” Meet in the parking lot at Coast Guard Beach,1000 Rear Doane Road, Eastham. To reserve a parking space, call Salt Pond Visitor Center, 508-255-3421

“Beyond the Beach” Series

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Off Route 6, Nauset Rd. | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

each week on Tuesday from Sep 30th through Oct 28th at 630PM
9/30: Return of the Tides--The Restoration of the Herring River, A Look Back and Ahead Tim Smith, Cape Cod National Seashore Restoration Ecologist, and Bill Burke* 10/7: Fire as a Tool for Preserving Cultural Landscapes Dave Crary, Cape Cod National Seashore Fire Management Officer, and Bill Burke* 10/14: The Technologies of Tracking Coastal Change at Cape Cod National Seashore, from 1889 to the Present Mark Adams* 10/21: By Land, By Air, and By Sea: Cape Cod National Seashore's Great Animal Migrations Mary Hake* 10/28: State of the Seashore -- Successes and Challenges of 2014, and a Look Ahead to 2015 and the 1916 NPS Centennial George Price.

“Science as a Way of Thinking About and Understanding Nature”

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Off Route 6 | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

Jul 22nd, 2014 at 7PM
Join Cape Cod National Seashore Geographic Information Systems Specialist Mark Adams for a one-hour presentation about how scientists are using long-term observations in the park to understand nature and to prepare us for the future enjoyment of Cape Cod.

“Songs for the Earth” with Musician Paul Kaplan

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Route 6 & Nauset Rd. | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

Aug 12th, 2014 at 7PM
Join musician Paul Kaplan for a one-hour program of environmental music. In “Songs for the Earth” Paul Kaplan presents engaging songs on a wide variety of environmental topics. All of the songs, whether serious or funny, help the listener to better understand both the fragility and the resilience of life on Earth. Audiences don’t just listen, but actively participate in helping Paul fill the room with glorious sound, making for an unforgettable experience.

“The Canal Story” Celebrates

Tel: 1 (508) 771-2144
Off Route 6 | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

Aug 19th, 2014 at 7PM
Join US Army Corps of Engineers Park Ranger Samantha Gray for a free, one-hour presentation entitled “The Canal Story” Discover how this waterway became the engineering marvel you see today. Learn about its rich history, unique features, and modern-day operations.

“Wildlife at Cape Cod National Seashore'' Rare & unseen

Tel: 1 (508) 255-3421
Off Route 6 | Salt Pond Visitor Center | Eastham

Jul 29th, 2014 at 7PM
Join Cape Cod National Seashore Wildlife Ecologist Dr. Robert Cook for a one-hour presentation focusing on some of the lesser-known and less conspicuous species of wildlife in the park, what we do and do not know about them, and the roles they play in the seashore’s ecology. The habitats of Cape Cod National Seashore help support hundreds of species of wildlife that live in or pass through on migration each year. Of these, relatively few are large, conspicuous species easily seen and well-known to park visitors and area residents. The vast majority of these creatures remain largely unseen as a result of being rare or having habitat needs or behaviors that keep them out of the public eye.

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